High Speed Dental Handpiece, High Quality Dental Implant
Implant handpiece serials:Stainless steel family
Implant Torque wrench: 5 to 35 N controllable
Universal Prosthetic Kit:Fit with most of brands


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Bestdent Foshan Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, production, sales and service of dental medical equipment including Low Speed Dental Handpiece, Dental Universal Implant and more. The company has a modern production workshop, imported CNC machine and advanced testing equipment. At the same time, we have a group of first-class and high-quality professionals. The company has ISO:13485 production quality management certificate and CE certificate.We obtain a number of patent certificates and own independent brands.
  • Production Workshop
    Modern production workshop
  • Professional
    High-quality professionals​​​​​​​
  • Quality Management Certificate
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ISO:13485 Production Quality Management Certificate
  • Patent Certificate
    Obtained a number of patent certificates and owns its own brand
  • First-class service
    Have professional OEM and ODM cooperation experience



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what is the importance of using dental loupes?

what is the importance of using dental loupes?If you are a dentist, you may have heard of dental loupes. But what do they really do and why are they so important? dental loupes are optical magnifying glasses that dentists use to see into the mouth and teeth more clearly. They allow for better accuracy when performing procedures and make the process safer for both the patient and dentist.

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what is the function of the dental low speed air turbine handpiece?

what is the function of the dental low speed air turbine handpiece?For decades, dentists have relied on a variety of specialized tools to provide excellent care to their patients. One of the most important tools in any dental office is the dental handpiece. It is essential for providing safe and effective dental treatments.

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What are dental loupes?

What are dental loupes?When you think of dental loupes, you probably imagine the dentist wearing them while they work in your mouth. But did you know there are several ways to use dental loupes? From oral surgery to visualization of fine details, these special magnifying lenses provide an array of benefits for dentists and patients alike.

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what is dental low speed air turbine handpiece?

what is dental low speed air turbine handpiece?dental low speed air turbine handpieces are the most commonly used tools by dentists in their daily practice. This specialized instrument is used to perform different activities like drilling, polishing and grinding teeth. It is an important tool for a dentist as it helps to ensure that their patient's oral health is maintained at its peak.



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