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When to Use Dental Burs

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When to Use Dental Burs

Dental Burs are one of the important accessories of dental drills, consisting of needles and needle handles.

When to Use Dental Burs

How to use Dental Burs in the correct way

how can we maintain the Dental Burs?

When to Use Dental Burs

Dental Burs are small, handheld tools that are used to shape and clean teeth. They are also used to remove tooth decay, as well as to polish and buff teeth. Burs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be made from different materials, including steel, carbide, and diamond.

While Dental Burs can be very useful for dental professionals, they should be used with care. Here are some tips on when to use Dental Burs:

-Only use burs on clean teeth. Before using a bur on a patient's teeth, be sure to thoroughly clean the teeth first. This will help prevent the spread of bacteria and other contaminants.

-Be careful not to overuse burs. Burs can damage teeth if they are used too aggressively or for too long. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and use a lighter touch.

-Avoid using burs on sensitive areas of the mouth. The gums, tongue, and lips are all sensitive areas that can be easily damaged by burs. If you must use a bur in these areas, take extra care to avoid injuring the tissue.

How to use Dental Burs in the correct way

To use Dental Burs correctly, start by selecting the right bur for the job. The most common type of dental bur is the straight fissure bur, which is used to excavate cavities and remove old fillings. Next, attach the bur to your dental handpiece. Be sure to use the proper size and type of chuck for your handpiece.

After the bur is securely in place, turn on your handpiece and slowly bring the bur into contact with the tooth surface. Apply light pressure as you move the bur across the tooth. When finished, turn off your handpiece and remove the bur. Finally, dispose of the used bur properly.

The different types of Dental Burs

There are three main types of Dental Burs: carbide, diamond, and steel.

Carbide burs are the hardest type of bur and are able to cut through even the toughest materials. They are also the most expensive type of bur.

Diamond burs are the second hardest type of bur and are less expensive than carbide burs. They are able to cut through most materials, but may not be able to handle the toughest materials like carbide burs can.

Steel burs are the least hard type of bur and are the least expensive. They can only cut through softer materials and should not be used on tougher materials.

how can we maintain the Dental Burs?

To maintain the Dental Burs, it is important to use the proper cleaning and storage techniques. Burs should be cleaned after each use with a water-based disinfectant or sterilizing solution. Burs should be stored in a dry, clean place away from direct sunlight.

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