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where do we need to use dental high speed air turbine handpiece?

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where do we need to use dental high speed air turbine handpiece?

The dental high speed air turbine handpiece is an essential tool for any dental office. It’s used to perform a variety of tasks, from removing decay and reshaping teeth to helping dentists see more clearly in tight areas. But when do you actually need one? In this article, we’ll discuss the various uses of the dental high speed air turbine handpiece, as well as where it can be utilized. From preparation for fillings to root canals and beyond, you’ll learn about all the ways this powerful tool can be put to use in your dental practice.

  • What is a dental handpiece?

  • How to use a dental handpiece?

  • Different types of dental handpieces

What is a dental handpiece?

A dental handpiece is a small, handheld power tool that is used to perform various tasks in dentistry. It is most commonly used to drill holes in teeth, but can also be used to polish, grind, and sand teeth. Handpieces are powered by either electricity or compressed air, and the type of power source will dictate the speed and power of the tool.

How to use a dental handpiece?

When using a dental handpiece, it is important to hold the handpiece in your dominant hand and use your other hand to guide the work. The tip of the handpiece should be placed gently against the tooth surface at a 45-degree angle. Once the handpiece is in place, you can start the engine by depressing the foot pedal or turning on the power switch.

To avoid damaging the tooth, it is important to keep the handpiece moving while in use. When you are finished using the dental handpiece, be sure to turn off the power and unplug the handpiece from the power source.

Different types of dental handpieces

We use high-speed air turbine handpieces in many different dental procedures. They are most commonly used in endodontic (root canal) procedures, but can also be used for other types of procedures such as periodontal (gum) surgery, crown preparation, and cavity preparation.

The main advantage of using a high-speed air turbine handpiece is that it can drill through hard tooth tissue very quickly. This is important in procedures such as root canals, where time is often a factor. High-speed handpieces can also be used to remove old fillings or crowns, and to prepare teeth for new ones.

There are two types of high-speed air turbine handpieces: straight and contra-angle. Straight handpieces are best suited for general drilling and removal of old fillings or crowns. Contra-angle handpieces are more maneuverable and are often used in more delicate procedures such as preparing teeth for new fillings or crowns.

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